Step tiles roofing machines working video

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Roof tiles made of galvanized prepainted steel sheet(PPGI) or aluminium, with apperance of traditional tile, but

easy install,


color optional,

shape optional…

The tile sheet roll forming machine is driven by a powerful electric motor5.5kw and the press and post cutter are operated by an 11kw hydraulic power. With an efficient working speed of 6 metres per minute you can roll about 13 tons tiles in one shift.

Mitsubishi or siemens  Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) controller is provided with an LCD-monitor, can control machine roll, press and cut on manual state or automatic state.

Our advanced software enables you to modify the distance between pressings and the length of the eaves section. Up to 20 different group of lengths and pieces can be programmed each time. Besides, it is possible to press various step heights (minimum 14 mm / maximum 25 mm) simply by adjusting sensor location. Only take 5 minutes

you can feel our Tile Sheet Line highly efficient and user friendly. The whole  process is fully automated and can be easily  operated by one worker.
JSR will show you tile forming machines working in customer factories, you will see how tile machine works,

and how tile quality is.

tile machine in India

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steptile machine in guatemala

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galvateja machine in mexico

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glazed tile machine in brazil

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you will have your machine works well in your factory

Contact us now for our metal roll forming machines!


suitable material, PPGI or aluminiun

suitable thickness ,0.4-0.6mm

suitable width , 1200mm or design to your requirement.

working speed , about6m/min

machine weight ,about 10 ton

machine size, about 10m length, 1.6m width , 1.5m high, suitable for 40 GP loading.

power , 5.5kw for main motor, 11kw for hydraulic motor

control , mitsubishi or siemens plc , converter, screen

here suggest some popular tile, such as aluminiun metecoppo tile and steptile in Nigeria ,galvateja in Mexico, clasic steptile is most popular in world, monterry tile is popular in Russia…..


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the most important for steptile is each step length same, so they can connect perfectly to waterproof,

that need high precison of electric system.



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