Fly Saw Roll Forming Machine

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Fly Saw Roll Forming Machine speed faster then stop to saw machine,

according to speed requirement, we have stop to saw type and non -stop to cut type( fly saw )

here  forming machine adopt stop to saw

Downpipe machine

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forming machine adopt saw cutting because its profile design,  if profile is closed or Surround, it is better saw cut to guarantee the final shape of product.

otherwise, machine adopt fly hydraulic cut,

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Technical Details

Machine Specifications
Weight About 6000kgs
Size About 10m x 1.0m x 1.0m (length x width x height)
Color Main color: blue
Warning color: yellow
Suitable Raw Material
Material Stainless steel
Thickness 1.5mm
Yield Strength 235Mpa
Main Technical Parameters
Quantity of forming rollers stations ABOUT 20
Diameter of forming rollers shafts 60mm
Working Speed about 6-10m/min
Forming rollers material GCR15 mould steel, with quenched treatment
Cutter material CR12 mould steel, with quenched treatment
Controlling system PLC and Converter
Electric Power requirement Main motor power:11 kw
Hydraulic station Motor 3kw


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