1450 Roofing Sheet Forming Machine India

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roofing sheet forming machine are very popular in India,forming machine to make roofing sheets for TATA,JSW;forming machine Feeding width 1220 and 1450mm, ( only feed different width raw material, no need to change machine to produce different width roofing cladding)

Thickness 0.3-0.8mm(to produce different thickness, no need to change machine)

Yield strength:235Mpa-550Mpa

Any length product can be manufactured


Because 1450mm feeding width and 550Mpa yield strength, we use bigger solid shaft diameter 80mm, which give bigger support during forming and can use for many years without deformation. 24roller station guarantee the final product precise and smooth. This roll forming machine weight about 13tons, that is mean, we use about 18ton raw material to make this forming machine.

besides, roll forming machine parts are Exquisite processed, for example, one set rollers will be processed by two days on our 12 CNC machine.

The last but no least, Mitsubishi or Siemens control system adopt to guarantee easy operation and stable factions.

roll forming Machines before delivery, well installed, test many times to its best status. You are welcomed to test our machines in our factory. Or we will help you check every details your concern.

Once rollforming machine arrive your factory,you only connect some wires and tubes according to our instruction book and video. Our technicians and engineers can assist you in your factory if your required.


Standard roll forming machines component(working speed about 15-20m/min): 7 ton manual decoiler, forming system with post cut, hydraulic station, PLC controller, run out table without power


Full automatical forming machine component(working speed up to 60m/min):  hydraulic decoiler, forming system with post cut, hydraulic station, PLC controller, automatic stacker

Roll forming line for roof panel is widely used to produce roofs and walls of workshops, warehouses and steel structure buildings, provided with high reliability and durability,advantage of easy installation and low cost.


Profiles of roofing cladding forming machine

JSR machinery factory introduce you some popular profiles of roofing and wall sheet forming machines

  1. R panel profile
  2. U panel profile
  3. Corrugate sheet profile
  4. R101 profile
  5. RN100-35 Profile
  6. IBR profile
  7. Trimdek sheet
  8. Widedek
  9. Industrial seven
  10. Custom Orb
  11. C10& K20
  12. Master 1000
  13. TR3 &TR4
  14. TYPE S
  16. LONGSPAN 1000
  17. SINUSOIDAL 1100
  20. roll forming Machine is designed according to your profiles

20+ standard roof panel profiles are available for your reference,of course, we can make custom profiles according to your requirements on profile, raw material, width range and other aspects.


Technical Details

Machine Specifications
Weight About 9000kgs
Size About 11m x 1.7m x 1.5m (length x width x height)
Color Main color: blue
Warning color: yellow
Suitable Raw Material
Material PPGI and PPGL Coils
Thickness 0.3-0.8mm
Coil width 1220mm & 1450mm
Yield Strength 235Mpa-550Mpa
Main Technical Parameters
Quantity of forming rollers stations 24
Diameter of forming rollers shafts 80mm
Roll Forming Speed 15-20m/min
Forming rollers material No.45 steel, coated with chromed treatment
Cutter material CR12 mould steel, with quenched treatment
Controlling system PLC and Converter
Electric Power requirement Main motor power: 7.5kw
Hydraulic unit motor power: 3kw
Electric voltage According to customer’s requirement

Roofing Sheet Forming Machine With Wall Structure

  • Product Sample

Roofing Sheet Forming Machine With Wall Structure

  • Layout drawing of machine (reference only)

Roofing Sheet Forming Machine With Wall Structure

  • New Profile drawing


JSR Machinery factory will design roofing machines according to your roofing profile or design, and Pre-engineered metal building advantages:
1 durable
2 withstand servere conditions.
3 low cost
4 low initial investment and low maintain cost
5 environment friendly
6 all the material can be recycled
7 flexible design
8 can relocate
9 install time considerably reduced

Operate easily , work automatically with PLC controller control.
Decoiler- forming-cut – run out

Roofing Sheet Forming Machine With Wall Structure




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