cold rolled purlin machines working in customer factory

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the main advantage of cold roll-forming is high production, and the sections produced by cold forming is little diamention tolerance.

our machine make a wide range of Z,C profile steel cross section height(usually 100-300MM) and material thickness(usually1.5-3.0mm) ,Satisfied many requirement of structural performance in roof , wall ,mezzanine floor constructions.

purlins is delivery to site pre-punched and cut to length.

z purlins have this advantage over c

easy to transport, better performance of force.

our purlin machine can cold roll c shape and z shape.

Quick change system allow operator to change size, profile, gauge without removing tooling or spacers.

how to change between c and z? turn some roller 180 degree.

how to change size ?

here cold formed steel purlin machines working abroad,

purlin machine make 4 inch and 6inch c purlins in honduras

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machine makes 3inch to 8 inch c profile in honduaras

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cz purlin machine make section height till14 inch in guatemala

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standard cz purlin machine in india, 100-300mm and 1.5-3.0 mm thickness

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c purlin machine in brazil

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cz purlin machine in ghana

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suitable material, galvanized steel or cold steel

suitable thickness ,1.5-3.0mm ,other thickness can be specially designed

forming speed , about10m/min

machine weight ,about 10 ton

machine size, about 10m length, 1.2m width , 1.5m high, suitable for 40 GP loading.

power , about11 or 15kw for main motor,5.5kw for hydraulic motor

control , mitsubishi or siemens plc , converter, screen

roller material ,GR15 steel




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