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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. the factory have capacity to manufacture roll forming machines, such as workers and tooling machines

Here is our teams, we have experiences engineers and technicians and sales.

how to choose roll forming machinehow to choose roll forming machine

Here is our factory with raw material, tooling machines and install area

how to choose roll forming machine how to choose roll forming machine how to choose roll forming machine how to choose roll forming machine

JSR machinery factory have 12 CNC Tooling machine to tool rollers, which make rollers precisely and smoothly. For example, roofing machine with about 400 rollers, one CNC tool machine process one roller about 20-30 minutes, we can make one set rollers about 2 days.


Here is our factory video,  you are welcomed to visit us by video or by yourself.


How to discharge rollforming machines

how to discharge roll forming machines

We, JSR , use 10 ton crane and forklift to load machine inside of container. If machine is too long or too heavy, we design machine in two or three parts, which is easy to load and discharge.


Before loading, machine will be cleaned and oiled, so machine will no rust during sea transportation, for plc controller will be covered by plastic films.


Once machine inside of container, we use steel wires to fix machine with container to make sure machine will not move or damage during sea transportation.


During loading, Joe or Ally will monitor the whole process, and make sure all machine parts are loaded, and take pictures and video to customers about the loading.


When machine arrive your place, you unscrew or wires and use one crane and one forklift to discharge the machine,

Crane to pull out, forklift to lift as picture.

If crane is not available , you may use two forklift.

Here are videos for your reference ,

If any questions, please contact JSR sales team any time.

Joe: mob./whatsapp:008618851025752

Ally: mob./whatsapp:008613754322451

JSR roll forming machines are well installed and tested before delivery, once machine arrive, you only connect some tubes and wires according to our instruction manual and video.


Here roofing panel forming machine for your reference

STEP 1. Please put machine body on the ground leveling first.

Release the tubing, wires and other fittings


STEP 2. Please find these two tubings which connect to hydraulic station.

      How to install forming machine     

STEP 3. Please find two Rubber bands for connecting the tubing and hydraulic station to avoid hydraulic oil`s leaking out. 

How to install forming machine How to install forming machine


STEP 4. Connected the tubing with the hydraulic station according to the marks indicate the finish installing tubes. (See finish picture).

How to install forming machine
(Mark on the tubings)
How to install forming machine
(Mark on the hydraulic station)

   (Mark on the tubings)                    (Mark on the hydraulic station)




STEP 5. Please add No 46. Hydraulic oil about 170kgs into hydraulic station.

STEP 6. There are two holes on the side of PLC. Big one is for connecting hydraulic station; smaller one is for connecting cutting device. Please connect as per photos guiding.

How to install forming machine



STEP 7. Please open the back door of PLC controller.  FIRST, please find wires on main machine, SECOND, connected to PLC controllersU2 V2 W2. THIRD, Connected the main wire L1,L2,L3.

How to install forming machine How to install forming machine How to install forming machine

Electric wire from motor of main machine

How to install forming machine How to install forming machine



Electric wire from motor of main machine




Here is video for your reference.


While if you need our technicians’ assistance, please tell us we will arrange our technician go to your factory to help install your machines and train your workers.

How to install forming machine


How to maintain roll forming machine

JSR Roll forming machines are well designed and installed, which make usual maintain very easy and convenient.

Lubricate cut frame many times during manufacturing, as video

If for galvanized steel material or galvalume steel material, their face naked, without painting color. Such material will easy left zinc coating on the roller surface during forming, therefore, it is better clean and oil roller surface by soft cloth after daily manufacture.

Sometimes, our technicians will go to customers factory for usual maintain service, we will check machine condition and make training to workers.

how to maintain rollfomer how to maintain rollfomer how to maintain rollfomer

rolling machine working well for 10 years in America.

how to maintain rollfomer

How to operate and program rolling machine

JSR machinery are easy to operate.

Usually 1-3 workers for one machine according to different machines and different degree of automatically.


Here roofing sheet roll forming machine for example.

For standard machine with manual decoiler and non power run out table.

It required one worker to control manual decoiler speed, 1 or 2 workers to take out final product, video as

If full automatically work machine with hydraulic decoiler and automatical stacker, one worker can monitor many machines working,

JSR machinery are easy to program.

You only put how many pieces and each pieces length into controller by screen input, you can input 20 group data for one time, then forming machines will automatically produce.

How to operate rolling machine


Here are video of how to program in English

Video of how to program rill forming machine in Spanish.



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