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We do it all!

Development, tooling design, manufacturing and assembly – all in house. This allows us to price our equipment very competitively, making it affordable for our customers. Our rollforming lines are the best value you can find in the industry and our affordable accessory pieces allow you to build your rollforming package to accommodate your business needs.

Young is in forming line since 1997. he has worked in three famous forming factory as senior technician.
Young has gone to Portugal, the Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Australia, India, Nigeria, Sudan , Kenya, America, Bolivia, Argentina….more than 20 countries to install machines and teach customers’ workers to operate machine.
Therefore, Young knows machines very well.
Now we build our factory .The first and important thing he do is to improve machine quality according to his experience.
Quality is always our life.

Partner, Joe.
Joe has worked in one famous forming machine factory since 2009. I sold more than 40 machines to India, therefore, I know India market very well. Besides, I also sold machines to Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, Papua new Guinea, Fiji, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Ghana, Libya, Egypt….I can provide you suggestions and solutions for your decision.
Our saying, your machine running keep our business running.

Partner, Ally.
Ally has worked in famous roll forming machines factory since 2010. I have sold machines mainly to Nigeria and South America: Mexico, Honduras, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela , Argentina. …I speak fluent English and a little Spanish.
I can provide you suggestions and solutions for your decision.
Now we begin our own business, we will make our machines better, serve our customers better.
we will always improve machine details according to customers’ user experience.


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