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Double Layer Forming Machine



Double layer forming machines for roofing and cladding sheets , with the greatest advantage is one double layer machine can make two design sheets.

usually, one layer forming machine or single layer forming machine only make one roofing design.

Therefore, if customer has limited install space and required to make two roofing designs, double deck machine is best choose.

shall we introduce you difference between one layer machine and double layer machine?

one layer machine include 5 ton manual decoiler, forming machine with post cut, hydraulic station, plc controller run out table.

double layer machine have additional set rollers and cut blade for another roofing design. that is , two sets rollers share with one machine base, motor , hydraulic station, plc controller and cut frame.

therefore, double layer forming machine only work one layer at one time.

Recently, double layer machine cut controlled by motor is adopted, it is good use in hot area, because, traditionally, hydraulic station give power to cut action, if in hot area, the oil in hydraulic station will very hot.

while motor control cut in hot area is good idea.

Attached forming machines are made to UAE, America, Mexico, central america, colombia…..

Your profiles will be designed to double layer machines and quoted accordingly.


Technical Details

Machine Specifications
WeightAbout 12000kgs
SizeAbout 11m x 1.7m x 1.5m (length x width x height)
ColorMain color: blue
Warning color: yellow
Suitable Raw Material
MaterialColored Steel Coils
Coil width1220mm
Yield Strength2350Mpa
Main Technical Parameters
Quantity of forming rollers stations20-22
Diameter of forming rollers shafts75mm
Roll Forming Speed15-20m/min
Forming rollers materialNo.45 steel, coated with chromed treatment
Cutter materialCR12 mould steel, with quenched treatment
Controlling systemPLC and Converter
Electric Power requirementMain motor power: 7.5kw
Hydraulic unit motor power: 3kw
Electric voltageAccording to customer’s requirement

Corrugated Sheet Forming Machine With Guide Pillar

  • Profile drawing                                                        End product sample
  • Layout drawing of machine for reference


JSR Machinery factory will design roofing machines according to your roofing profile or design, and Pre-engineered metal building advantages:
1 durable
2 withstand servere conditions.
3 low cost
4 low initial investment and low maintain cost
5 environment friendly
6 all the material can be recycled
7 flexible design
8 can relocate
9 install time considerably reduced

Operate easily , work automatically with PLC controller control.
Decoiler- forming-cut – run out




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