roofing machine working in container -Qatar

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usually customer buy our machines, they work in customers factory. while some customer need machine working on their construction site if the project is big.

1.if that, roofing machine can make any length construction building need,

if machine working in the factory ,they usual make same length, such as 5.8m, 11m which to take full use of truck capicity.


2. if machine work on construction side, only prepare coils, to make roofing sheets more efficiently,

if machine in factory, make sheets takes time,transport also takes time.


we use container to protect machine on the site, also easy to transfer when project is ok.

the container is with front door and back door, we feed material in front door, final roofing come out from back door.

machine are capable make sheet thickness0.3-0.7mm, forming speed about 20m/min. automatically work.

roofing rollformer include 5 ton manual decoiler, machine, hydraulic station, plc controller, run out table.

machine weight about 10 ton, mitsubishi or siemens controller.





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