OMAN-Square Corrugated Downspout Roll Forming Machine

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Corrugated downspout pipes are manufactured with  grooves on their surface. This makes them less likely to collapse or bend under the weight of heavy rainfall or snow, and they are better able to withstand the pressure of the water flowing through them. In addition, corrugated downspout pipes also have a larger surface area than smooth pipes, which can help to increase the flow rate of water and reduce the risk of clogging.

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This downspout machine make square spout 100x100mm

machine make Rectangle downpipe 220x100mm

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the machine can make straight downspout or elbow downspout at the same machine. or combined machine.

here is machine make round downspout

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besides, we also make one machine only make straight downspout, and one machine make elbow downspout, that is two machines, seperate machines.

two machines can work at same time, so production efficiency is high compare to combined machine, one time only make straight pipe or elbow pipe.

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100X100 DOWNPIPE machine load in one 20 feet container

220X100 downpipe machine load in one 40 feet container


Technical Details

Machine Specifications
WeightAbout 5000kgs
SizeAbout 11m x 1.2m x 1m (length x width x height)
ColorMain color: blue
Warning color: yellow
Suitable Raw Material
MaterialGalvanized Steel Coils
Coil width325mm
Yield Strength235Mpa
Main Technical Parameters
Quantity of forming rollers stations20-22
Diameter of forming rollers shafts60mm
Roll Forming Speed8-12m/min
Forming rollers materialNo.45 steel, coated with chromed treatment
Cutter materialCR12 mould steel, with quenched treatment
Controlling systemPLC and Converter
Electric Power requirementMotor of roll forming machine: 7.5kw
Motor of cutter and elbow: 5.5kw
Electric voltageAccording to customer’s requirement
Main Components
Decoiler (manual and automatic for options)1 set
Guiding device1 set
Roll Forming system1 set
hydraulic cut system and elbow system1 set
PLC control box1 set
Run outs tables1 set

Layout of downpipe machine


Fascia covers to protect timber against splitting flaking and peeling.
Gutter minimise the risk of serious water damage to buildings.
Downpipe is bridge let water pass from gutter to a local stormwater.
JSR machinery factory can manufacture fascia cover machine, gutter machine , downpipe machine with high quality and reasonable price to you, you will emjoy one stop purchase from us.

We already sell half round gutter machine, square gutter machine, fascia cover machine to Australia.

Machine work automatically, operate easily.
Decoiler- forming-cut – run out

Downpipe, Gutter and Fascia Forming Machin






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