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Mexico- Pallet rack beams machine



customer set up machine according to our video by themselves. our technician can come to help if customer requires.

Step beam roll forming machine, rack beam forming machine with 3kw laser welding

make 4inch, 4.5 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch beam.

here is machine make 6 inch stepbeam

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how to change machine from 6 inch to 4 inch.

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include 3 ton manual decoiler, forming machine with non stop saw cutting, plc controller, 3kw laser welding

siemens PLC and touch screen, yaskawa converter, working speed about 4m/min.

continuous welding

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how to set up stepbeam machine

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Technical Details

The Line’s Specifications
WeightAbout 10000kgs
Whole line’s dimensionAbout 25m x 2m x 1.6m (length x width x height)
ColorMain color: blue
Warning color: yellow
Suitable Raw Material
MaterialGalvanized or Galvalume Coils
Coil width310mm for 4 inch
Yield Strength235Mpa
Main Technical Parameters
Quantity of forming rollers stations24
Diameter of forming rollers shafts80mm
Roll Forming Speed8-10m/min
Production Speed4-6m/min
Forming rollers materialGCR15 mould steel, with quenched treatment
Cutter materialCR12 mould steel, with quenched treatment
Controlling systemPLC and Converter
Electric Power requirementMain motor power: about11kw
saw cut motor power: about 3kw
Electric voltageAccording to customer’s requirement
Main Components
Decoiler (manual and automatic for options)1 set
Guiding device1 set
Leveling system1 set
Roll Forming system1 set
saw cut1 set
PLC control box1 set
Hydraulic unit1 set
laser welding1 set




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