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Hawaii, America-Metal roofing roll forming machine



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Fasten-through panels are fastened with exposed color-matched screws that penetrate the metal roofing and secure to the purlin or sheathing. In general, fasten-through panels are less expensive than Standing Seam panels

Metal’s exposed fastener roof panels are suitable for most all roofing applications, from large warehouse roofs to home carports.

this metal roofing machine make commerical rib metal roof and custom 4 rib roof. which is popular in Hawaii,

while popular roof in your country will suggest you or customized make for you.

double layer machine include 5 ton manual decoiler, machine with post cut, hydraulic station, plc conntroller, run out table

main machine power about 7.5kw

hydraulic station power for cut about 3kw

forming speed about 20m/min

siemens plc and yaskawa conventer

machine weight about 15 ton.


Here are economy roll forming machine, working speed about 15m/min

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fully automatic production line for forming roofing trapezoidal sheet

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dual-layer machine for R panel and U panel for American

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